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Floor Plans & Site Plans

Proving another level of detail for your sales listing or holiday home.

Real Estate Floor Plan Trend Photography
Real Estate Site Plan Trend Photography.

Benefits for buyers & holiday guests


• Visualise the property before arriving

• Explain any entry points or where to find the key lockbox

• A great addition to your email marketing for your holiday guests


Do I even need a floor plan? My view point is if you have a property that needs explaining, and by that I mean maybe it has a unique layout, maybe there is a granny flat, maybe there is a parents retreat, maybe there is a particular entrance way or lockbox location to find the key – whatever it may be a floor plan can help to illustrate these points.

If you find that you get a lot of questions about particular things to do with sleeping arrangements, number of bedrooms etc, a floor plan can help to mitigate those questions, saving time back and forth between potential guests – this saves your administration time, and also speeds up the booking process for the guest to make a quicker informed decision.

Sales & Rentals

Floor plans are a fantastic addition to a sales listing or rental property. They provide a visual layout of the property to potential buyers and renters before attending the home. They aid in selling your property faster by allowing buyers to make quicker informed decisions about whether the property is right for them.


Holiday Homes AirBNB,, Home Away

Floor plans and site plans are a great addition to the holiday market. If you find yourself explaining over and over again to guests where to find the key lockbox, the layout of the house, or tricky details about access to the property, then a floor plan and site plan is a great tool to be able to send to your guests for a visual explanation of all of these elements.

Nathan Devine Portrait-0196.jpg

Anyone with a camera can take a photograph, but not everyone can bring 24 years of commercial photographic experience to your property to showcase it in its best light – this is what I offer to you.

My name is Nathan Devine and I am a full time Real Estate photographer, photographing homes on the South Coast of NSW from Wollongong to Tuross Head and beyond.


I work a little differently to most real estate photographers, which are covered below in depth. What I bring to you is a sound return on your investment by promising all of this and more. I am passionate about taking beautiful photos that sell the “holiday dream” to your guests so that you get bookings all year round.

What makes my service different from the rest?

Professional Service

Friendly, Reliable & Consistent Service – I pride myself on building strong relationships with my clients, please see my
5 star Google reviews below.


Dedication to your needs – Delivering 100% satisfaction, I am dedicated to delivering on my promise to you to provide beautiful imagery that showcases your home in its best light.

Value for Money

I work hard to ensure that every dollar you spend is building a return on your investment. Professional photography sells a lifestyle and builds buyer hype around your property.

Nathan is such a professional and I love working with him!

Julijana Griffiths

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