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Return on your investment

Professional photography can increase the sale price of your home by as much as $15,600 AUD according to a Redfin Study.

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Hi! My name is Nathan Devine and I am the head photographer at Trend Photography.


I have been a commercial photographer for over 25 years and am passionate about Real Estate & Architecture photography.

My mission every day is to be a better photographer than the day before, I am passionate about taking beautiful images for you that achieve the highest sale price possible in the shortest amount of time.

What makes my service different from the rest?

Professional Service

Friendly, Reliable & Consistent Service – I pride myself on building strong relationships with my clients which is reflected in my 5 star Google reviews.


Dedication to your needs – Delivering 100% satisfaction, I am dedicated to delivering on my promise to you to provide beautiful imagery that showcases your home in its best light.

Value for Money

I work hard to ensure that every dollar you spend is building a return on your investment. Professional photography sells a lifestyle and builds buyer hype around your property.

With short notice Nathan produced amazing photos which truly captured the beauty of my home! He is a perfectionist and a true professional. I haven't had experience with real estate photographers before so I couldn't have asked for a better photographer! You can see that Nathan loves what he does and takes his profession extremely seriously. 

Marie-Claire Piga

Types of Real Estate Photography

I cover all areas of Real Estate photography including sales listings, long term rental properties, short term rental properties, holiday homes, builders portfolios, architects portfolios and developers in both commercial and residential markets.

I also provide aerial photography and videography using the latest in 4K camera drone technology. Please see my services pages for in depth information on aerial videofloor plansholiday & AirBNB photography and video packages.

The difference in my service to you

Blue Skies – Sometimes the weather is not desirable when photographing your property. Unless it is raining heavily in which case we will need to reschedule the shoot, we can still photograph your property to look amazing. Cloudy days are not great for skies but they are brilliant for diffusing sunlight which gives softer shadows and deeper contrast in colours. The grey skies can easily be replaced with bright blue sunny skies and this is a service I offer for FREE to all of my clients where required.

Fireplaces – Adding fire to fireplaces in your images can make all the difference between booking your property all year round, as opposed to only through the summer holiday period. If guests know that they can escape for a winter holiday and keep warm then your property will be much more appealing and will increase your chances of gaining another booking. I offer this service for FREE with all pf my photography packages.

The difference in my photography – High Dynamic Range Images

Every single image that I take, I take 5 frames of the same scene – ranging from under exposed to over exposed. This captures all of the detail in the highlight areas (generally views through windows) and all of the detail in shadow areas (any dark areas inside the home). This technique in photography is called bracketed exposures.

These five images then get merged together into one high dynamic range image (HDR) giving the highest possible level of detail. All of your beautiful views will be in perfect balance with the rest of the room. 

Talk about a creative, nice and professional photographer! Nathan on quick notice, took photos of our newly built home. His vision and skills exceeded our expectations and made our home stand out above the rest! His attention to detail and angles are so inspiring and his relaxed attitude and patience were much appreciated. He is honestly the best architectural photographer we have ever come across and captured our home in the most beautiful way! Highly recommended!!

Simon & Cara Whyte

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