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Get more eyes through your Tiny Houses!

With a Virtual Tour your potential customers can view your Tiny Homes straight from their computer or mobile phone!

Virtual Tours are interactive, they allow your customers to walk through your build as if they were actually onsite.

Eliminate time wasters – no more private inspections for non-serious buyers

Allow your customers to fall in love with your houses before purchasing


How does it work?

  STEP 1  

This guy (Nathan Devine) travels to you no matter where you are in Australia! He takes around 40mins per Tiny House to create 360 degree photos of your latest builds. You don't need to move your Tiny Houses to a scenic location, we remove all of the window views of your workshop space and replace them with nice scenic views, we will show you an example of this a bit further down the page.

PERSONAL TIP: Nathan LOVES anything to do with building & coffee.

How does it work?


All of the photos that Nathan has taken of your latest builds are stitched together into 360 degree images and are edited to make sure they are nice and bright and colour corrected, as well as any custom editing you would like such as replacing all of the window views with nice scenic views. As promised (below) you can see a working example of what it looks like when we replace the views.


How does it work?


  STEP 3  

We create your Virtual Tour linking each 360 image together to create a story so that potential customers can walk through your Tiny House and fall in love with your product. We supply a direct link to your tour that you can then add to your website and social media channels. Click the image to see an example of a full Virtual Tour.

  What does it cost?  

Let's cut straight to the chase!

1 x Tiny House

$575 incl GST (per house)

2 or more x Tiny Houses
(photographed on the same day)

$490 incl GST (per house)

Replace Window Views

$190 incl GST (per house)

Annual Hosting

$44 incl GST (per house)


Quoted per job

Interstate TRAVEL (outside NSW)

Cost of a return plane ticket (Generally under $500)

Fill in your details below or call on 0428 255 850 to book today.

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